Paper Bin

I have four and twenty hours and they are scarcely even enough. Yet, I am making a constant effort to read up in the middle of seconds, in the middle of naps, in the middle of getting dressed for work. It’s like I’m constantly multi-tasking and one of the tasks at hand is reading.

Therefore, I’m choosing thin books. Like, literally. Even a 100 pages give me a kick, a sense of accomplishment. This one was just 60 odd pages, so I was pretty sure I’d finish it off in a few jiffies.

However, I barely read much. I read a few pages, bookmarked them and was stuck on a few pages more than a few times. It was probably because of my poor attention span and all that time that’s been slipping through my fingers.

As I write this, I am in the midst of work, I have multiple…

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