The music played in the background. It was soothing. I laid back and closed my eyes.

A pair of eyes. Sparkling eyes flashed before me. A smile, a wide smile exposed perfectly set white teeth. That beautiful curve complemented those brilliant eyes.

That’s all I shall keep of you. That is all that I shall choose to keep. I have memorized the spark in your eyes and the brilliance of your smile. The rest I shall try to forget. To erase from memory. I choose to keep this memory in a glass vial, swirling like silver. It shall be perched upon an intricately-carved wooden vial-holder.

It will shine in the dark, like your eyes. Like your smile. It will also distract me, I know it will. So, I shall keep it covered with a piece of velvet blue borrowed from the routine of everyday life.

I shall uncover the vial at times like these. When the music seeps into my soul, when the wind touches my face softly, when I smell the rain and feel the sun on my face. When the stars twinkle down at me from the deep night sky and when the taste of the sweetest chocolate fills my mouth with its divinity. When the wine dilutes my blood and makes my head woozy.

I could break it if my head felt woozy but that would be a hazard! That memory would spill into my soul and I don’t think I’d ever be able to clean my soul after that! I think I’d rather not touch it when my head is feeling woozy.

But what happens if I cannot help it? I shall drown in the memory then. I shall die in your eyes and dissolve in your smile.

The music stopped. I opened my eyes. It was time.