“Dreams are the touchstones of our characters.” – Henry David Thoreau

I remember getting my first email id when i was in what…8th grade!? it went something like ‘dreams_raps@…’ Yeah, i laugh now. But i got that idea from both my parents who always encouraged me to dream. Dream big. Dream endlessly and to believe in them. They drilled that into me so much that i literally have dreams about what i actually dream of!

I sleep fairly well. I love my sleep and my dreams (save the nightmares). Therefore, this post is dedicated to one of the most beautiful dreams in memory. Usually, our sleep patterns are such that we don’t remember what we dream. Sigmund Freud’s theory on dream patterns claims that dreams are usually repressed wishes, which might explain why i had this wonderful dream.

The Dream

It was a dark night but something about it was very pleasant. The sky was a deep shade of midnight blue and i was standing in front of a towering mountain that took a perfect conical shape. If it were a full moon night, the mountain could have been mistaken for a giant Christmas tree with a twinkling star on its pinnacle. I was only admiring the beautiful mountain when i suddenly saw a gorgeous Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic, which looked something like this (below)


Amazing, aint it?

I instinctively ran towards the bike, like it was calling me to itself and the keys appeared out of thin air (you know how dreams work right, well maybe you don’t! but you know what i mean!). I started riding the bike uphill.

The road was a kuchha one, there was a lot of dew and moss, but nevertheless, i was excited. The thin road snaked its way up the mountain and i just kept riding until i reached a certain elevation and abruptly stopped. I walked up to the edge of the mountain like i intuitively knew something was going to happen and lo!

The sky lit up like fireworks that happen on the ‘Fourth of July’ .


This picture is the closest i could get to describing how it looked to me, but believe me, it was the most beautiful sight!

While the dream is something i shall cherish dearly for the rest of my life, Freud got me to thinking. Maybe the guy was right. I have always wanted to witness the fireworks of the ‘Fourth of July’ for a very long time. I have also been wanting to learn to ride a bike. So, perhaps, this dream was a significance of my repressed wishes, of my motivated dreams, of my longing and wanting.

When i first shared it with a friend, he said, “wow! i wish i could have dreams half as beautiful as yours.”

I say you can too. You can wake up with a smile everyday if you dream big, dream endlessly and believe in them. Probably make them come true too.