Fingers running through lush hair,

Touch, taste that temptation

Firing up nerve endings, setting the heart ablaze

Momentary pleasure, memories aplenty

I recollect, sipping orange juice in rehab.

Kisses as deep as the universe

Swiveling in slow motion

Pupils changing color – black and brown, black and brown

Soot-stained souls merging into one another, the hot yellow energy emerging

I reminisce, sipping orange juice in rehab.


There came a truth worse than a lie

Blinded by honesty, judgment befriended naivety

Another person with drunken plight,

Call it a mistake and call it a night,

I dredge up, sipping orange juice in rehab.

You be a distraction, yet you be a sight

You be plenty, yet you be slight

You not be wrong, you not be right

You and I cannot be we. Together a future, cannot the heart see

I recall, sipping orange juice in rehab.

Broken expectations and dreams,

Efforts and time gone to waste,

Running away from the battle, hoping to go unscathed?

How could that ever be?

One day at a time, one day at a time

I remind myself, sipping orange juice in rehab.

Now the glass is half empty – soon it shall be full.