She sat cooking a meal, his favorite! While he dined in the arms of his mistress.

He gulped his guilt up with the beer while she quietly washed the stains of his betrayal.

The sound of her laughter came from half-closed doors.

This time, it did not give him the tingly sensations! She was with someone else in the room.

They hugged.

They both smelt of other people.

Her mother was talking excitedly about their upcoming vacation.

She sat, unblinking, thinking about the secret rendezvous he just confessed about.

She was excited about their friend’s first gig…

…and he, about his lips.

She looked so ravishing in that svelte black dress!

He imagined how she’d smell underneath it while his lovely wife shook hands with her!

While she closed the door, their eyes met.She knew she had been following her.

She wanted it as much as she did.

They were having the same wine. Memories came rushing back.

They exchanged urgent, primal glances across the table hoping nobody noticed then, or now.

She was not even drunk…

…and she forgot she was married!

He remembered her face, her smile, her eyes – one last time -before jumping off the ledge. He could not make her his.

Her heart broke as she saw his limp body. Guilt killed her.


Being Indiscreet is fun;  Stop being Judicious – Ashley Madison Circa 2015