Hi! Busy? Don’t read this if you are. No, honestly! You will find absolutely Nothing here!

I’m not drunk enough to write life-changing stuff yet and I can’t really find the inspiration to start on a project that noble. But, I’ve decided to write about something less pondered. About Nothing.

What is it like to write about nothing? About nothing at all. About nothing that’s significant or inconsequential. About nothing that exists or doesn’t. So, today, I shall write about Nothing.


A little while ago, after sorely losing a debate about unconditional and unrequited love, I found – nothing cannot exist, everything can. Hold that thought! Hold it right there!

If everything exists, nothing cannot not exist! right? Alright, this is getting slightly confusing here. Keep calm. This is no biggie. Let’s sort this out.

Firstly, we’ll have to establish if nothing is a ‘thing.’ The dictionary defines it as “not a single thing” or “not anything.” Anything is something. Something is one thing/single thing so let’s go with “not a single thing” as the first step in this absolutely useless and mind-numbing quest to find what nothing is!

Here’s what I think nothing is – It is something that signifies the absence of something. A single thing that denotes another thing is missing!

No, nothing is not vacuum. Vacuum is something man! Don’t confuse yourself again! Nothing is the absence of something!

Do you realize how important nothing is!?

I really hate the indifference nothing is treated with! Nothing is neither loved nor hated. Think about it: nothing is just another old book you didn’t read, which lay on your grandfather’s shelf, caught in invisible cobwebs, rotting and slowly turning into dust. Nothing is that chocolate you didn’t eat or that opportunity you didn’t take.

Nothing are the dreams you cast aside for the fear of failure. Nothing is someone/something you didn’t pursue. Nothing is the relationship you didn’t have. Nothing is the love you didn’t return or take. Nothing is something you didn’t become or perhaps will become.

Nothing is new or old. Nothing is calm and cold. Eternally silent and immensely bold!

Come to think of it, nothing is a lot of things. And yet, it is called nothing!

I wonder if nothing feels sad. I wonder if nothing feels at all. Nothing feels nothing.