“Love Crime” is the exit song for the season finale of “Hannibal” the series. Music composer Brian Reitzell scheduled this song as a thank-you note to all the loyal #fannibals. Since the series only had instrumentals (and what great instrumentals) he said:

I wanted them to have a souvenir. I wanted them to have a song. I wanted them to have a melody, because I’ve not been able to really do that with this show. But since we’re leaving — or at least taking some time away from the show, whatever the future is — I felt like I needed to give them something, and it felt right.

This was the perfect gift. Take it from a #fannibal. ❤


Oh, the skies, tumbling from your eyes
So sublime, the chase to end all time
Seasons call and fall, from grace and uniform
Anatomical and metaphysical

Oh, the dye
A blood red setting sun
Rushing through my veins
Burning up my skin

I will survive, live and thrive
Win this deadly game
Love crime
Love crime
I will survive, live and thrive
I will survive, I will survive
I will