One of the greatest tragedies is to meet the love of your life at the wrong time. The pain – there is nothing like it.

At the wrong time:

  • Either you’re not ready
  • they’re not ready
  • You don’t realize
  • You’re too busy squandering time or working too hard on yourself or for your life
  • You’re with someone else
  • They’re with someone else
  • You scared the heck outta them because “timing!”
  • They said or did something and it freaked you out.
  • You’re never sure
  • They’re never sure

Any which way, you just let that person go because of the above reasons or something else. You may have cared, you may have not but you just let that person go. You hope maybe someday, when you’re ready and sure- you’ll meet them again.

But things will be different then. What if you’re married with two children when he comes storming back into your life? What if she is your new boss at work / works in the same building, same floor? You decided to move on with things more important and you let that one person go and now you want a second chance? Would you put your relationships in jeopardy for that one person who made a smashing comeback?

Suddenly, your person is back in your life – again – at the wrong time. You meet them in the building elevator, exchange empty or heavily-worded glances – it could even be unrequited. You feel that thing again. You may have believed in the soul mate concept when you were younger but now its just fiction, yet you feel a certain energy drawing you to this person. After all these years!?

There are only two things you could do:

1. Succumb to the feeling, commit adultery.

2. Acknowledge the feeling, analyze it and Let It Go.

Letting go of things is important. There is a reason why nothing lasts. A reason the seasons change, a reason wounds heal, a reason time moves forward. If you are never going to unpack all that emotional baggage and empty your suitcases my friend, you’re going to have to pay dearly for excess baggage. The bulging packages may even roll out of the cabins while your flight takes off!

Does the baggage massacre sound familiar? It’s perfectly okay If you have already embarrassed yourself (trust me, nobody will remember and if they do, they will immortalize you in the pages of a book! win-win situation) but the question is for how long?

We’ve wallowed, swallowed and marinated in the pain but for how long. Letting it go liberates you. Breathe it out, cry it out – hell cuss it out if you have to – but LET IT GO and save yourself all that unwanted chagrin.

My mother always told me – it is easy to be a bitter person in the world but it takes real courage to be a forgiving, kind person. It takes a lot to be a good human being. To let go without the residual bitterness is absolute freedom.

Today, I want to be able to breathe in my freedom. I want to be able to understand that it wasn’t meant to be and trust that there is a reason why I need to walk forward.

And when I find my reason, I shall think back at this moment and thank my stars for being this faulty!