“I don’t love you,” she said. It struck him like a lightening bolt.

“You’re too good for me. You deserve someone better,” he said. The words pierced her heart like a stake driven into a vampire’s.

“We’re sorry. Your skill set does not correspond to the needs of the position we need to fill. Thank you for your time,” they said. It didn’t really hit her in the beginning but as it sunk in, she found herself spiraling down a dark alley of depression.

“You can’t do it! you don’t even know what this is. Stay out of it,” he told her irritably. She believed him and never tried since.

How many times has the world rejected you? How many times has someone made you feel you were not worthy, not good enough and perhaps never will be?

More often than not.

Appreciation is so rare in this world. So rare that we start to believe what the world tells us. First the fear of failure engulfs us but when we finally find the courage to do the thing that exactly scares us, the fear of success creeps in too.

Some don’t believe in the fear of success but more than 40 percent of the people in this world are scared of success.

What happens if i do manage to publish that book of mine? what if i finally invent the cure to Cancer? what if i really succeed in building the world’s most intelligent robot?

What if you really do?

People are scared because when they have put so much passion into something, put their heart and soul in it and put it out for the world to judge something they have so dearly loved and created and that is ridiculed, criticized and “rejected” – we think our lives have lost all purpose.

While 40 percent are scared of success, another 50 percent is scared of failure. So what about the rest 10 percent? They are the ones who are successful!

When a man can learn from his mistakes, accept what the world is ridiculing them for and use it as “constructive criticism,” only then can he be successful.  But sadly, that is the hardest thing to do.

Not everybody can ace it. But i believe that everybody has an inner strength in them. An invincible, unfathomable strength that they are not aware of themselves.

Only if man kept stoking that fire instead of letting it burn out, only if he had the patience, the perseverance to wait out the darkest part of the night, only if he could ride the violent waves of the ocean storm until they calmed down – only if.

Perhaps, it will take a lifetime or two more to find what you really are made of. But i urge all you beautiful people out there to have a little faith. To not give in so easily. Right when you feel you cant take it anymore, that’s when you know you can raise your bar of tolerance. That is the test. That is when you can discover your inner power.

If you never try, you’ll never know. Everything passes and believe me the storms only wash you clean.