The fire of fear burned without light,
The little flicker of hope put to shame,
The lamp drenched in eternal turmoil
flared like poison in the veins.

The fury of the winds, had known no bounds,
The lashes of rain had spared no slack,
The darkest quilt of the skies pulled out
The deepest terror of nightmares.

Shadows choked life out of the stygian eyes,
Breath had no soul,
The ferry stood motionless at the dark moor,
While the river churned dreadfully in the middle.
Stifled wrath-on the brink of its escape,
Stifled pain-on the verge of a scream
if death was that easy, life would be unfair.

But this was not life,
Neither was this death,
This was the treacherous void in between
This was fear, this was hate,
This was the ultimate…Stagnate.

P.S. – I wrote this two years ago when i was in a really dark place. Nothing seemed to go right that time (don’t we always have those days). But i learnt something from that darkness. Light shone through little cracks, breaking the stagnate because change is the only constant in life.